What Is Sunderland To Seoul/ About Me?

Hello Angels. Annyeonghaseyo Cheonsa. 안녕 천사.

Let’s get the formalities over… My name is Abbie, I’m 20 years old and I’m from the good old North-East of England.

I’m currently working towards a Dual University degree in English Language & Linguistics and TESOL. TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, this means i will be qualified to teach English to non-native speakers. To gain experience in the TESOL field I currently volunteer in teaching English to Refugees that have came to the local area.

When i finish my degree i plan to join ‘EPIK’, The English Program In Korea. this program allows native English speakers to move to areas all over South Korea, from Seoul to Daegu, to Busan to Jeju, to teach English to their children. To assist with this i have also learned how to speak Korean, as well as how to read and write in Hangul.

As well as studying, I also work part time in a Cosmetics Store and waitress at a local Football Stadium, which i absolutely love doing.

Teaching a language has always been something I’ve had an interest in and it’s always been something i felt i could do. I just never knew what language, as i speak English, German and Korean, or where i wanted to teach, but i knew i didn’t want to stay here in the UK. Over the past few years i have developed a major interest in South Korean culture, from their food to their beautiful landscape to their world famous Kpop. So i decided why not Korea? It’s an amazing country with amazing people that is so incredibly different from the world i’m used too, so that’s what i decided on. (I am a major Kpop fan, so a lot of the posts you’ll see on here will more than likely be about Kpop…)

So Please, Follow me as i embark on adventure that will eventually take me 5353 Miles from my hometown Sunderland, UK to my future home in Seoul, South Korea.